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    Price-list on metall-
    working equipment
    (12/12/2017 - 2 Mb)

    Heavy lathes
    kj16137, kj16119,
    kj16145, 1a670,
    1a660.200, rt755f3-06,
    ku80lf1, 1550f1,
    1540f1, 1532, 1a525mf3,
    in detail...

    Heavy borers, millers,
    gear-cutters, sheet-benders
    6640f2, 6625u, XH5-25,
    Scharmann Heavycut 5.3,
    Scharmann Ecocut 1.3, 2.6,
    Hoesch MFD D1800 NVFS2,
    3M197, ku-470, ns17f2
    ns212.f211, 2623pmf4,
    MAAG SH 250, MAAG SH 600,
    Schiess RFW-18, 5342p,
    5v373p, rt60600, ku-198,
    UBR 40/3150, TANAKA -720
    in detail...

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